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Tims Place Carcassonne


La Cite of Carcassonne was built on the site of a former Roman fortress. On this medieval site Simon de Montfort led heavy battles against the cathars or heretics as they were known by the pope. The pope wanted the cathers or heretics to convert to the Roman Catholic Religion and when they refused they were destroyed after many battles. Pope Innocent 3 ordered the crusades which were known as the Crusade against the Albigeois. Simon de Montfort and the church took over the lands and possesions of the vanquished cathers.

The lower city surrounding the cite was destroyed during the battles and St Louis authorised the people to build a new city on the left side banks of the Aude river. Although destroyed with fire by the “Black Prince” in 1355 it was rebuilt soon after and became known as the Bastide St Louis. It became a wealthy trade city with textiles and wine growing. The city is now a famous tourist destination. Over 2 million people visit the city annually to enjoy the rich history, culture and many music festivals that are hosted by the city. The cite is a large chateau or castle overlooking the River aude and Les Bastide. It is one of the largest and best kept cities in Europe. Tim Place Carcassonne is centrally located along the main walking mall, rue Courtejaire in Les Bastide between the theatre precinct and the Place de Carnot, the main square in the city. Place Carnot is a cafe and bar precinct which hosts 3 farmer markets each week as well as many music festivals during the year. It is a 15 minute stroll to the cite from the apartment through meandering medeival streets and across the old bridge over the Aude River. The Canal du Midi also meanders through Carcassonne and is located at the end of rue Coutejaire at the Railway station. This is about 800 metres from the apartment along the walking mall. Carcassonne is surrounded by many beautiful medeival villages and is a wonderful location to visit the Aude region. Les Bastide and the cite are exceptional French experiences.

Rates: (Minimum of 2 nights stay)

1 or 2 people:  $105 per night
Extra: $15 per night per person

Weekly rate: 15% discount on the daily rate
Monthly rate: 30% discount on the daily rate


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